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The Trainers Tribe Is Getting A New Name And Focus

The Trainers Tribe is getting a new name.

Successfully Launching Your Idea to the World

Today's episode is all about creating and launching your thing!

Business Partnerships: How To Find Someone You Can Trust

By teaming up with someone you can create something amazing that neither one of you could have created by yourselves. But there are pit falls to be wary of. How to you find someone you can trust? Do you split things 50/50? Is it better to hire someone or partner with them? That and more answered in today’s episode of The Trainers Tribe.

How To Build Your Following

How to grow a community of people who will follow what you do and, in turn, be happy to buy products from you.

Bringing Your Big Idea To Life

Have you got a great idea? Perhaps a new service you've been wanting to add in addition to your group fitness sessions. How do you know if it will take off?

The Key to Making a Business Work: Solve Problems

Want to know if your idea for your group sessions will work? Start by asking yourself: Will this solve a problem for my clients?

5 Steps To Creating an Online Offer

While face-to-face interactions are definitely missed, I'm sure you are starting to see the power of running things online and how you can leverage your time a lot better.

Are You Using Lots of Business Tactics With Zero Strategy?

If your marketing and business growing efforts seem to be getting no traction, it’s possible that you’re using the wrong Tactics.

Picking The Right Course To Do Next (CECs vs. Experience)

It's come time to upskill - either because you need more points for your registration or you're feeling ready to learn - but how do you pick a good course to spend your money on?

How To Get Your Name Out There

With so much going on at the moment, it can be hard to still get your name and your businesses out name out there (in a way that's respectful).

How To Use Your (Online) Sessions to Engage Your Clients

Now we’re several months into various stages of lockdown, it’s time to look at your online sessions (and face-to-face one’s too) and start adding back in some wow and excitement.

Should You Eat The Soup?

In this much more personal episode, Dale and Kyle check in on what they are feeling at the moment, the struggles of living in a global pandemic and what they are doing to try to stay hopeful and positive.

6 Books That Changed Our Lives

We look at books and reading and share 3 books each that forever changed out lives after reading them.

How To Find Time For All Of The Things

To do lists seem like a good idea but between planning and teaching classes, being there for your clients, and all the behind the scenes that need to be done in the business and then taking care of your house and family the time runs out quickly. Today we want to help!

Flaky Clients & How to Motivate Them

Sometimes it seems that no matter how good your sessions some clients still find excuses to be flaky. We explain why in this episode.

7 Guideposts To Re-Launching Your Bootcamp – Part 2

This week on The Trainers Tribe we're continuing on from last weeks episode which is all about how to return to running your face-to-face sessions and make them even better than before.

7 Guideposts To Re-Launching Your Bootcamp - Part 1

There is a great opportunity to be had right now for group fitness business owners. In today's episode we talk about how to relaunch your bootcamp to the world and make it better than before (for both you and your clients).

What We Think About Returning to Face-to-Face Training

As restrictions begin to ease, what’s the best way for you to return to face-to-face training? That, and more, is what we cover in today's episode of The Trainers Tribe.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Asking the Wrong Questions

Did you know the questions you ask yourself can have more impact on your success than knowing the right answers?

What Does Being Successful Mean To You?

Is being successful really about adding new clients to your business every week? When is enough clients... enough?

Marketing Without Marketing

Facebook ads, sales pitches, cold calls. Does the thought of doing all of that make you want to curl up in a ball? There is another way to find clients, a better way, a more respectful way, and that’s what Dale and Kyle are talking about in today’s podcast episode.

Running the Mental Marathon of Staying and Working at Home

It looks to be that this is our new way of life for now. Have you felt the emotional slump yet now that truth is landing home? It’s so important to look after yourself in this new reality so that you can keep showing up for your clients. How you can do that is exactly what we're talking about in today's episode.

Behind The Scenes - Time to be Vulnerable

After we finished recording the last episode on community, I kept the microphones rolling a little longer. They captured this little moment of candid conversation between Dale and I (Kyle) that I wanted to share with you because it shows we're going through the same thing as you right now.

How to Maintain and Build Community Online

Community is King. But what happens when all of the things you used to build your community with like social events, team/partner workouts and other face-to-face interactions are taken away?

Pivoting Your Fitness Business Online

We're back, baby! Welcome old listeners and new to a brand new episode of The Trainers Tribe. We're kicking things off this episode by talking about Pivoting.

Jonathan Fields: Building Community Based Fitness Businesses [Best Of]

This is a replay of one of our ‘Best Of’ episodes of our podcast The Trainers Tribe. We’re publishing these fan favourites as we lead up to releasing new episodes this year. In this episode Kyle interviews Good Life Project founder, Jonathan Fields.

Stepping out of your comfort zone [Best Of]

This is a replay of one of our ‘Best Of’ episodes of our podcast The Trainers Tribe. We’re publishing these fan favourites as we lead up to releasing new episodes this year. This episode is especially relevant as Dale just stepped big-time out of his comfort zone (and kicked a lifelong goal) of speaking at a TEDx talk.

Starting A Bootcamp Business With $100 [Best Of]

This is a replay of one of our 'Best Of' episodes. We're publishing these fan favourites as we lead up to releasing new episodes this year. In this episode Dale and Kyle lay out the roadmap you can follow to starting your own bootcamp with just 100 bucks.

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