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How Are You Uniquely Designed?

What is the best way for you to use your energy? How should you make important decisions? It turns out, it might be different for each person.

Discounting Your Prices

In today’s episode we’re talking about discounting your prices. Should you do it? And if so how?

Creative Avoidance

In today's episode we're talking about stress, uncertainty and the ways we avoid it.

4 Ways To Check In With Your Friends & Colleagues (RUOK?)

In today's episode we've been inspired by R U OK? Day to talk about how we check-in with our friends.

How To Sell If You Hate Selling

Selling is merely helping someone change their point of view. From convincing your partner that there is a right way to stack the dishwasher to selling what you do to ...

Leading By Giving

A candid discussion about The Go-Giver book.

The One Killer Productivity App

We can accomplish much more than we think in a year. And much less than we think in a day.

The Secret? It's Experiments

How experiments can help you stave off stagnation and alleviate failure.

How To Run Fun Workshops For A Living

Running workshops can be a great way to improve what you already do. Or, like Dale, it could turn into a lucrative career.

Why Am I Feeling Anxious?

Do you suffer from anxiety? Or are you someone who doesn't? Either way we hope this episode will help you understand your anxiety or that of those around you better.

Lovingly Leading Trusting Communities & Teams - Andrea Hayes

This episode is all about why caring for people is the way to grow your business with guest: Andrea Hayes.

Dealing With Disappointment

What happens when we try to do something that's outside our comfort zone? Inevitably, there will be moments of failure. Things outside of our control will happen. And ...

The Power of Making Connecting a Priority

The pandemic has made it easy to feel disconnected. Here's what we're doing to stay connected.

What Drives You (When Things Get Tough?)

A podcast on how to stay motivated, ride the highs and wade through the slumps.

Turning Hostility Into Connection (A True Story)

Dale's book is out! Kyle is surprised by some of the things he learned about Dale so he puts Dale in the hot seat.

Work Boundaries

How to have healthy boundaries around your work with real-life examples from Kyle and Dale.

How To Decide Which Ideas Are Worth Doing This Year

With so many ideas and opportunities available to you, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know which one's to put your precious time into. In this episode we show...

How To Do A Yearly Review That Rocks

Get started this year by reflecting on 2020.

2020 – A Year In Review

In this special and final episode of Lead Your Tribe, we take a moment to look back at 2020.

Dealing With Uncertainty

How To Accept The Things We Can’t Control

Jason Butty | Bootcamp To Fitness Facility To Retreats

On today's show, I catch up with one of my good mates Jason Butty. We discuss a number of different skills and actionable techniques you can start using today to make ...

Robin Legat on Roller Derby, Aging Up and Leading Athletes

Robin Legat is a trainer, podcaster and coach who helps women over 40 become later in life athletes.

Kristoffer “KC” Carter on Leading In All Aspects Of Life

We're back with a guest today on Lead Your Tribe, Kristoffer "KC" Carter of This Epic Life.

How To Inspire Engagement In Your Community

Why you should measure your online success by engagement, not followers.

Starting From Scratch, Culture and Growing Your Fitness Community w/ Anthony Bartolo of ACTV Strength Co.

In this episode Dale finds out from Anthony Bartolo what makes their fitness community (ACTV Strength Co.) so popular and engaging.

How To Stay Motivated (& Healthy Ways To Measure Your Success)

This incredibly timely episode is all about how we can keep showing up despite all of the setbacks this year.

Do I Have Spinach In My Teeth? (Imposter Syndrome)

What is Imposter Syndrome? It’s that feeling you get when you think about putting yourself out there and a little voice pops up inside your head and says: ‘Who do you ...

3 Keys to Attracting Clients to Your Brand

A tribe will follow a strong brand with a clear story. Here are the 3 keys we believe every brand (especially small brands) needs in order to attract followers and mak...

How To Be More 'You' Online

How to overcome your fear of putting yourself out there and how to find your own authentic voice.

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