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How To Decide Which Ideas Are Worth Doing This Year

With so many ideas and opportunities available to you, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know which one's to put your precious time into. In this episode we show you a simple way to get focused.

How To Do A Yearly Review That Rocks

Get started this year by reflecting on 2020.

2020 – A Year In Review

In this special and final episode of Lead Your Tribe, we take a moment to look back at 2020.

Dealing With Uncertainty

How To Accept The Things We Can’t Control

Jason Butty | Bootcamp To Fitness Facility To Retreats

On today's show, I catch up with one of my good mates Jason Butty. We discuss a number of different skills and actionable techniques you can start using today to make the most out of each and every day and empower your tribe.

Robin Legat on Roller Derby, Aging Up and Leading Athletes

Robin Legat is a trainer, podcaster and coach who helps women over 40 become later in life athletes.

Kristoffer “KC” Carter on Leading In All Aspects Of Life

We're back with a guest today on Lead Your Tribe, Kristoffer "KC" Carter of This Epic Life.

How To Inspire Engagement In Your Community

Why you should measure your online success by engagement, not followers.

Starting From Scratch, Culture and Growing Your Fitness Community w/ Anthony Bartolo of ACTV Strength Co.

In this episode Dale finds out from Anthony Bartolo what makes their fitness community (ACTV Strength Co.) so popular and engaging.

How To Stay Motivated (& Healthy Ways To Measure Your Success)

This incredibly timely episode is all about how we can keep showing up despite all of the setbacks this year.

Do I Have Spinach In My Teeth? (Imposter Syndrome)

What is Imposter Syndrome? It’s that feeling you get when you think about putting yourself out there and a little voice pops up inside your head and says: ‘Who do you think you are to do that?’

3 Keys to Attracting Clients to Your Brand

A tribe will follow a strong brand with a clear story. Here are the 3 keys we believe every brand (especially small brands) needs in order to attract followers and make an impact.

How To Be More 'You' Online

How to overcome your fear of putting yourself out there and how to find your own authentic voice.

The Trainers Tribe Is Getting A New Name And Focus

The Trainers Tribe is getting a new name.

Successfully Launching Your Idea to the World

Today's episode is all about creating and launching your thing!

Business Partnerships: How To Find Someone You Can Trust

By teaming up with someone you can create something amazing that neither one of you could have created by yourselves. But there are pit falls to be wary of. How to you find someone you can trust? Do you split things 50/50? Is it better to hire someone or partner with them? That and more answered in today’s episode of The Trainers Tribe.

How To Build Your Following

How to grow a community of people who will follow what you do and, in turn, be happy to buy products from you.

Bringing Your Big Idea To Life

Have you got a great idea? Perhaps a new service you've been wanting to add in addition to your group fitness sessions. How do you know if it will take off?

The Key to Making a Business Work: Solve Problems

Want to know if your idea for your group sessions will work? Start by asking yourself: Will this solve a problem for my clients?

5 Steps To Creating an Online Offer

While face-to-face interactions are definitely missed, I'm sure you are starting to see the power of running things online and how you can leverage your time a lot better.

Are You Using Lots of Business Tactics With Zero Strategy?

If your marketing and business growing efforts seem to be getting no traction, it’s possible that you’re using the wrong Tactics.

Picking The Right Course To Do Next (CECs vs. Experience)

It's come time to upskill - either because you need more points for your registration or you're feeling ready to learn - but how do you pick a good course to spend your money on?

How To Get Your Name Out There

With so much going on at the moment, it can be hard to still get your name and your businesses out name out there (in a way that's respectful).

How To Use Your (Online) Sessions to Engage Your Clients

Now we’re several months into various stages of lockdown, it’s time to look at your online sessions (and face-to-face one’s too) and start adding back in some wow and excitement.

Should You Eat The Soup?

In this much more personal episode, Dale and Kyle check in on what they are feeling at the moment, the struggles of living in a global pandemic and what they are doing to try to stay hopeful and positive.

6 Books That Changed Our Lives

We look at books and reading and share 3 books each that forever changed out lives after reading them.

How To Find Time For All Of The Things

To do lists seem like a good idea but between planning and teaching classes, being there for your clients, and all the behind the scenes that need to be done in the business and then taking care of your house and family the time runs out quickly. Today we want to help!

Flaky Clients & How to Motivate Them

Sometimes it seems that no matter how good your sessions some clients still find excuses to be flaky. We explain why in this episode.

7 Guideposts To Re-Launching Your Bootcamp – Part 2

This week on The Trainers Tribe we're continuing on from last weeks episode which is all about how to return to running your face-to-face sessions and make them even better than before.

7 Guideposts To Re-Launching Your Bootcamp - Part 1

There is a great opportunity to be had right now for group fitness business owners. In today's episode we talk about how to relaunch your bootcamp to the world and make it better than before (for both you and your clients).

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