Lovingly Leading Trusting Communities & Teams - Andrea Hayes

This episode is all about why caring for people is the way to grow your business with guest: Andrea Hayes.
This week on Lead Your Tribe, Kyle Wood interviews Andrea Hayes!

Andrea is the Managing Partner at Change Maker Academy, working alongside Dr. Berardi to help change makers turn their passion for health & fitness into a powerful purpose and a wildly successful career.

She’s also the Program Manager at the University of Victoria’s Innovation Centre, where she teaches, mentors, and establishes key connections for budding entrepreneurs.

Over the last 10 years, she’s started several companies inside — and outside — of the health and fitness space.

I know what it’s like to succeed at something I didn’t love, to fail at something I was deeply passionate about, and to finally win at something I love with people I love working with.

There’s a difference between building a career or a business, and building a life that you love. I find a deep sense of meaning supporting other health and fitness professionals on their journeys as they find success, based on their own success

She currently lives in British Columbia, Canada with her fiancé and their massive cat, Jerry. When she’s not mentoring other
entrepreneurs, she enjoys taking bike rides to the local coffee shops, hiking, and laughing so loud that her friends can detect where she

In this episode we talk about:

  • What Andrea’s middle initial ‘D’ stands for and why.
  • Why Andrea’s response to the pandemic impacted fitness industry was to create a Book Club.
  • Why you should show up even when you might fail.
  • How having a team forces you to lift your game.
  • Which personality assessments we love and how they’ve helped our personal and business lives.

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