Turning Hostility Into Connection (A True Story)

Dale's book is out! Kyle is surprised by some of the things he learned about Dale so he puts Dale in the hot seat.
A quick announcement: Dale’s new book All Work No Play: A Surprising Guide to Feeling More Mindful, Grateful and Cheerful is now out. Keep an eye out for it in your local bookstore or online.

We touch on the vulnerability of writing a book and putting something permanent out there and then I dive into some surprising things I learned about Dale while reading the book.

Some of the other topics we discuss are:
  • Is it okay to see a therapist?
  • How do we find our way out of terrible work situations?
  • Why you’ve got to build a connection before you can teach anything.
  • How do I create space to think and feel?
  • In what ways do I avoid thinking and feeling?
  • What does resilience mean? Is it different to stubbornness?
Show notes: https://www.bootcampideas.com/podcast/

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