Dealing With Uncertainty

How To Accept The Things We Can’t Control
Dressed in scrubs and a gown, Dale and his wife eagerly awaited the arrival of their first child. This moment was 9 months in the making and the day was finally here.

Pregnancy complications meant the baby would be arriving via a scheduled C-Section. After arriving at the hospital for a morning surgery they had now been waiting for 8 hours as other surgeries pushed back the C-Section.

At the last moment the surgeon arrived to tell them that they had run out of time and that they needed to come back in two days.
Two more days of waiting. Soul. Crushed.

This was Dale's experience the very day before we recorded this podcast. Coming off the back of a year of incredible uncertainty and change, we thought it would make a great topic to dive into for our second last podcast of the year.

We answer some common questions around uncertainty like:
What can I do to guarantee success with my new project or idea?
How can I change someone’s mind?
What do I do when the situation is out of my control?

Also Dale shares with us a framework he uses with organisation to help them with uncertainty:
  1. Choose to be positive
  2. Eat - Move - Sleep
  3. Socialise
  4. Be grateful
  5. Play to your strengths
  6. Be kind
  7. Get organised
  8. Work sensible hours
  9. Be your own best mate
  10. Talk - reach out and ask for help

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