What Drives You (When Things Get Tough?)

A podcast on how to stay motivated, ride the highs and wade through the slumps.
Last week we talked a lot about adversity so this week it felt natural to continue that conversation on and talk about drive.
Drive. Willpower. Motivation. Gumption. That thing that helps us achieve big goals and ride through the tough times.
Here are some of the questions we cover in this episode:
  • What drives us?
  • How can I get motivated?
  • What’s the slump that comes after a big project is finished?
  • How hard should we push ourselves?
  • Can we use goals and bucket lists to motivate us?
  • How do I keep up my long-term drive?
  • How do I start my day on the right foot?
  • Is being selfish okay?
  • How can I build my self-esteem and self-belief?
Link to things we mentioned:

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