The Power of Making Connecting a Priority

The pandemic has made it easy to feel disconnected. Here's what we're doing to stay connected.
Show Notes:
Questions we cover in this week's episode:
  • Is connecting on social media the same as connecting offline?
  • What benefit am I getting from social media? How can I be more purposeful?
  • What about a daily phone call instead of a daily post?
  • What are some ways to connect offline?
  • How to set up a ‘connection exchange’.
  • Is time spent connecting ‘work’?
At the end of the episode I warp things up with 3 tips we recommend to help you feel more connected through this time:
  1. Unscheduled commute or walk and talk time.
  2. Weekly scheduled calls and catch ups instead of leaving to chance.
  3. Instead of posting on social media, reach out personally.
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