Starting From Scratch, Culture and Growing Your Fitness Community w/ Anthony Bartolo of ACTV Strength Co.

In this episode Dale finds out from Anthony Bartolo what makes their fitness community (ACTV Strength Co.) so popular and engaging.
Growing up for Anthony Bartolo meant saying goodbye to the support and community of the team sports he played as a child.

He couldn't quite find anything to replace it as an adult, so when he opened his gym ACTV Strength Co. he knew he wanted to create that same feeling of common ground and commitment for himself and his members.

Dale caught up with Anthony recently and the two of them talk about creating a great culture in your tribe. They cover:
  • Going all-in on your business.
  • Serving the wider community as a way of marketing and giving back.
  • How to find new members.
  • Pivoting to online when gyms were shut down.
  • Keeping your community strong while they are apart.
Language warning: There is an F-bomb dropped in the last 5 minutes of the conversation so please be wary of that if your kids are listening in the background.

Full show notes:

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