Successfully Launching Your Idea to the World

Today's episode is all about creating and launching your thing!
As humans we all have a part of us that enjoys being creative. We like to make things that look nice and that help others.

The bit that we often struggle with though is finding people to buy the thing we made. Whether it's having an effective marketing strategy for getting more clients into your sessions or getting people to sign up to your online sessions, it's often put in the too hard basket.

Over the past month we've been sharing a series on how to go from idea to a product you can sell.

Hopefully at this point you’ve come up with a good idea, you’ve tested that idea, you’ve started to build an audience and now you know for sure people are interested. Now comes that part you've been avoiding, selling it!

In this episode we talk all things selling, how much time to put into your product, what that final product should be (a service, a book, a course, what?), how you should price it and many other tips.

Full show notes:

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